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Getting started with A-Track


Welcome to AmRay-Track!

There are two components to the AmRay Track system; The web interface and the Mobile App. The Web Interface provides users with full access to the AmRay Track system while the mobile app has been designed to provide access to the most pertinent information while on the move. The app also allows users to scan an AmRay Track QR code to find information quickly with minimal effort.

The Web Interface

The AmRay track web interface is designed to be used on a desktop or laptop computer. The interface provides users with a full range of functionality including:

• Add and Amend RPE information
• View and add RPE inspections
• View RPE that requires inspection soon, colour coded to highlight RPE requiring inspection immediately
• Sign off on inspections to ensure quality and traceability
• View complete event history.
• View complete RPE history
• Find aprons quickly with minimal information
• Organisation management for more convenient data input
• Apron statistics for quality control purposes.

The Mobile App

• Scan and store aprons with short notes for later editing in the web interface
• Retrieve full apron information using the AmRay Track QR code or apron serial number
• View aprons requiring inspection
• Browse aprons quickly
• Enter inspection results while on the move

Logging In

Getting Setup


View Aprons




Organisation Management